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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Life in the Country - so far

We wake up to the sounds of bird song.
We wake up to the sight of birds, chipmunks, butterflies and bees.
Some mornings there is a mist lying over the lawns and then the sun burns it off and everything sparkles.
We see deer now and then, at the back of our garden, where there are no homes behind us, but maybe deer homes.

We have to drive everywhere .. I want to walk !
Everywhere we go, people are sweet, helpful and full of good humor.
Thank goodness, I was worried that everyone would be grumpy.
( not really but after the way the people were in Buenos Aires, I worried that there would be a big difference)

My back aches and my neck is stiff and I have a headache.
( Gardening, gardening and pollen)

Next weekend we will have our first house guests.
One of them is just 6 weeks old.
He is the honored guest.
I may hold him all weekend.
I will hold him all weekend.

I miss our friends in Buenos Aires .. very much.
I miss walking .
I miss walking to the bakery and then going on over to the park and sitting on a bench under a massive Ombu tree and eating a scone and sharing crumbs with the pigeons.
I miss the music, everywhere you go, you hear good music.
Just walking down the street, it is there.. listen.
I miss the taxi drivers .. insane, funny, helpful and kind and good taste in music !
I miss our neighbors ... we were never really alone, we knew they were there if we needed someone.

So here we are .. our new adventure .. life in the country.
So far, pretty pretty good.

Oh yeah, the house is being painted a very nice color of grey with a hint of olive in it.
We will blend in with the background .. you will drive by and not even notice there is a house in there with all those huge trees.


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  1. Country living is bliss ... but there is something to be said about the energy of the city. We have been enjoying our country home for almost 6 years and are just starting to miss the city. Thankfully I held onto my home in the city (Toronto) and can't wait for the renos to finish (it's amazing the damage even the good tenants can leave behind)so that I can escape to the city. Every time we return from the city it makes us appreciate our country home and each time we return from the country it makes us appreciate the city.Hugs and blessings. C. (HHL)


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