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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feeling Alive

I am glad to say that the house looks a bit like a Home today.
Almost all boxes are empty and those that are waiting to be unpacked ( as soon as storage space magically appears) will be quickly disposed of.
Every day is sunny and beautiful, the mornings and nights are getting chilly.
I sometimes have trouble falling asleep .. mind = gerbil in cage... but soon we should be able to relax and not have lists of Places to Go and Things To Do.

As of last night, the front of the house is no longer the same color.
I am thrilled. Absolutely thrilled.
We went from that New England barn red ( which looks fabulous on all barns and some old homes) but not on this sort of house .... to an olive/grey .. no trim.
It is even better than I hoped for. More like the 50's Modern that I never really was attracted to, but now that I have one, it might as well look great.
This is not our house

Every day we do something with the garden and it is showing.
That is one of the things about gardening, your results are pretty instant and then more come later.
I used to like the wild and woodsy look but here, with so much woods and overly wild ...
I am leaning towards manicured ... cut edges on lawns around shrubs and neat flower beds and there is this pile of stones that has a snake living in it that I would like to relocate .
I mean really, there is little beauty or sense in a big pile of white stones just sitting in a large lawn by a mailbox, unless the snake is trained to retrieve the mail, which so far, he has failed to do.

This weekend is a big one.
It will be our first Company for the Weekend.
And who better than a tiny little man who needs to see his grandparents ?
And his mama who might enjoy having someone else walk around with him, talk to him, sing to him and perhaps get him to smile.
And the guys can talk Man Talk and let the wimmen bring them food and drink and my heart can just grow close to bursting with it all.

So for now, things are great, there are many errands to run ( which include drives to Massachusetts and hither and yon ) and plans to be made.
Life is good if you have plans.
You feel good making them, Looking Forward.
You feel excellent when you do what you planned, Accomplishment .
You keep busy ... Alive.
And we all like that Alive feeling.

À bientôt  for now  ~


  1. Aaaaaah! Lovely happy post - except for the snake, you need help with that!

    Glad you're happy with the paint choice - always a dodgy project - looking forward to a pic soon please!

    Wow, didn't know you were a southern belle from big ole Charlotte!!! If you haven't been back for a while you won't recognize it - the skyscrapers and fancy stores.......they always get biggies such as IKEA and Dean & DeLuca - so those of us here in the state capital have to drive south for the good stuff! Luckily we have friends there so it's worth the journey.

    Yes, life should always include plans.....the only way to keep going.

    Hugs - have a wonderful New England week whilst preparing for the big weekend ahead. Chilly nights - Lucky you!

    Mary X

  2. So very happy for you. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your house with the new color. How wonderful that your grandson(and his parents) are coming for a visit. Hope you have a lovely time together.

  3. Sounds fabulous! I'm glad you love the new color of your house. It will just blend in with its lovely surroundings now!

    Have a beautiful Company Weekend! It will be filled with lots of love and joy! :)

  4. Mary, my baby brother still lives there and yeah, it got big ! The painters are at it again, I heart my painters :)

    Thank you Marilyn .. I am busy as only a mother who misses her kids can be ... decorating, planning meals, wishing they would live up here:)

    Mary- we are blending right in .. deer will walk right in the door if I am not careful lol.
    Actually, my husband met a snake sunning himself on the bricks by our front door.
    Not so much wildlife would be ok now.
    Thank you !


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