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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Rhythm of Things

It is strangely hard to get back into the Rhythm of Things.
I tend to want to linger in bed with a cup or 3 of coffee.
I tend to linger looking out windows while sitting on sofas or standing in dining rooms or sometimes just staring at the   unpacked box sitting in my bedroom.
Sometimes I think it looks back at me with a sense of disappointment.
Be still ! I think... I will get around to you sooner or later ... later won't make any difference.

We had a landscape architect or some such come visit yesterday.
She arrived at the height of Mosquito Hour .. these things are even larger than the mo -kee-toes in Buenos Aires and while you might not feel them biting, you will soon enough be itching.
So we walked around our property with her, stopping every inch or so and discussing every leaf, twig and tree .
She named all the flowers and shrubs and told us what they do and what we should do and it was all very informative and I might have even stayed for the entire tour but I was being eaten alive so I begged forgiveness and ran and hid in the house.
You just can't take me anywhere.

So the end of the story with the gardens is ....
There are too many "beds" of this and that and too much of one thing that is not so great, so we should move everything around.
Let everything die off, go back , do whatever it is they do at the end of summer then dig them up and move them here and there.
This all sounds like an evil plot to keep me busy this Fall.

She did point out all the poison ivy and oak here and there ... and someone thinks I am going back out into that jungle ???

That is not a Wisteria climbing the tree, over the fence, all over the pool house, it is a Trumpet Vine and the flowers are wonderful and it is crushing the pool house and has to go.

Those little trees and flowers by the back of the house have been eaten by deer.
DEER ??? within inches of my dining room  glass doors ??
I plan to get up in the night and go look, maybe I will see them up close.... eat the bushes, what do I care, we got plenty more !

I like this part of The Plan ...
Wait until fall, when it is cool out and bugs are leaving to go to  Florida for the winter.
Then we will dig up all the bulbs and move them...
We plan to make large beds of bulbs and to edge the property with others .. Iris, Lilies etc.

Then we have a go at the things that need cutting back ...
I like this part, I am pretty good with clippers and perhaps someone will share the electric trimmer thingee.
I think that one will be great fun ... Edward Scissor Hands will have some serious competition.

Then all the wonderful trees out there will dump pounds of leaves on us and we will be busy digging out for months, just finishing in time to be buried by snow.
I can see it now.
It is enough to make a person linger in bed ..

1 comment:

  1. Well...this post made me laugh out loud!
    Great writing!
    Where are the pictures of this magical mystical place?
    Befores and afters for sure!

    Linda :o)


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