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Monday, July 8, 2013

Missing the Kissing

Well, we're back.
Back in the USA.
Back in New York.
I am exhausted, happy, excited, exhausted and thrilled  !
Everything happened the way it should, although a certain tiny person came faster than we could make it to the hospital .. but other than that .. we moved here without a hitch, stayed in a fabulous 200 year old house in Egremont, Ma and had the best "landlords" who are now friends and so are their sweet Labs, Dreyfus and Brady.

We enjoyed adjusting to the seasons being what we were used to .. it is Summer .. in BA it is Winter.
I am fine with it this way .. Summer where we are living is glorious with green .. flowers and farms with amazing horses ( I had not expected to see  so many horses , cows but not so many horses) and sheep and chickens ! Everyone has chickens !

Today in town ... this town is about 6 blocks long, all the shops are charming, everyone treats you as if they have known you forever and there are chickens that wander around. Someone pinch me...this is too good to be true.
Did I mention that for a tiny town centre, they have some nice places to eat ? Cafes, Pizza, Mexican, and a place that everyone flocks to at lunch time, with the best soups !
I am discovering American food all over again.
After 6 years, you forget how certain things taste  .. the way they did "back home".

And after a  few months back here, I am also missing Buenos Aires.
I miss my friends.
I miss our neighbours.
I miss getting all those kisses. Yep, that's me, missing the kissing.
I am considering introducing this custom to the people here.
I have a feeling a lot of them will love it and a few of them will be very disgruntled.
They will adjust.... I did.

I miss walking around the city and window shopping and laughing with perfect strangers in the street who stop and chat for one reason or another.
I am happy to understand everything everyone says to me here.
This may end soon and I will start to pretend I don't intiendo ... si, no habla Ingles ..
This will give me a break when I just want to think ... do you like that idea ?
I think it is brilliant, myself.

So here I am.
Back in the good ole USA.
Down the road from a farm.
Happy to be here ...


  1. Welcome back! I can imagine that it's a strange adjustment; I see it with my in-laws when they return to the US from New Zealand each summer (NZ winter). I hope you settle in easily and enjoy your time here. :)

  2. Ah ha! Bonne chance but it sounds like you've tied up many lose ends and making the adjustment gracefully


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