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Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to Rabbit Hall

In the evenings, if you sit in the solarium, you can watch the bunnies play.
The fireflies come along and light up all the shrubs and flower beds.
They skim across the top of the grass, blinking ... blinking... more and more gather.

It gets kind of noisy out there ! with crickets, frogs, whatever kinds of noise-making creatures there are, peeping, croaking, calling, chirping and trilling.

I am trying to keep the bird feeders filled, they are attracting so many pretty birds..this winter I will be there for them. . and the chipmunks and little things that also have snacks during the day.
There are large and beautiful butterflies everywhere, these gardens attract them, no one bothering them makes them happy.
We did some serious gardening yesterday, removing weeds and unpleasant plants away from a Yucca plant that is blooming.
The bloom is taller than me !
Next, more removal of weedy plants and over gardening and perhaps a bit of a stone wall here or there ..

In the fall we have to cut back a Trumpet Vine that is swallowing a pool house and fence alive.
Vines and trees and shrubs and a few other things will bite the dust... we can only allow so much here at one time, otherwise, we will wake one day with a tree in the bedroom and birds nesting in our hair.

Bees ... there are hornets/wasps in the gutters and I can actually hear the droning/whine of them .. not a sound a person who is very allergic to bee stings likes to hear.
The house is going to be painted, the gutters will be cleaned, the men who do that will be warned and hopefully well armed to put a stop to it.
I am welcoming to the creatures here but the wasps have to go.

The neighbor got a puppy.
We heard him .. we have not met him yet. A 3 month old black Lab.
I know I will fall in love. I know some day , hopefully not too long from now, we will get a playmate for the little puppy .

Today a wall is being removed in my house.
I am thrilled.
A very ugly and unpleasant bathtub and tile will be next .. then I think by the time cool weather comes, our little house in the woods will be ready for enjoying with no interruptions.

Now to go back to counting trees ....

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  1. It sounds truly magical.. well, except for the hornets! :) I agree. I'd want them gone too.

    I'm so happy for you that you're loving your new home!


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