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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I miss the old neighborhood.

I miss the neighbors.
I miss the shop keepers who saw us almost every day.
I miss our bakery- L'epi.
I miss our cafes .
I miss the parks, even though they hurt my heart with all those memories of Pup walking around , sniffing, exploring.
I miss the taxi drivers.
I miss the kind and friendly mounted police who were always willing to let Pup bump noses with their horses.
I miss the music.
I miss Buenos Aires.


  1. Hello! It has been a long time since I have left you a comment- though you have been on my mind and I was hoping you are settling in well in your new abode... we have never been to Buenos A- so we have booked a trip there early. january,2014 straight after new year- looking forward to that! Still need to research hotels etc, and of course the markets will be high on my list of must see...
    Best wishes to you
    Colette X. Ps, now when I see full moon, no more someone in BA seeing the same!

  2. Oh you will have a lovely time, I am sure!
    It will be very warm in January, bring plenty of sunblock ! Those are summer holidays so there will be less traffic and crowds too.
    Send me emails if you need any advice, I know hotels :)

  3. This picture here is lovely. I love the windows and the terrace. I'd miss a place like that too. But most of all, i'd miss the friendliness and kindness of the people. It must be hard for you. You're happy where you are now, but homesick for your home in the other hemisphere... Do you think someday you'll make a visit back there?? :)


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