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Monday, July 15, 2013

Doors, Floors, Lawn Mowers ... Oh My !

All I want  is to be left alone.
I want to be left alone to sit on the floor in front of my new closet and put my handbags away.

Sorry, was I shouting ?

Every time I open the closet doors to get something to wear, I hear the whispers and grumbling ... She is ignoring us, she won't ever put us away, we will molder here and grow dusty, just wait and see.

What ? your bags don't mumble and grumble when you ignore them ?
They must ... they all do ... you just aren't listening.

Mine think that the past few months were enough trauma, wrapped up in paper, in a dark box, in a ship, in a storage facility. Now they are out in the light and they think they are going to be going out every day and partying every night and , well, things didn't work out as they hope.
They  sat in boxes   in the closet in the dark and have been ignored.

The shoes actually got more attention first.
The bags will never forget that.

This afternoon, when I knew there was a small window of time between shopping, going to hardware stores ( I find I am in hardware stores now as much as I used to be in Bloomingdales !)
and figuring out how to feed the birds without stirring up the bees ... a couple of very nice men came to the house.
One is our painter/carpenter. He is fixing walls and preparing to paint my little red house a nice cool Mid Century Modern color ... (don't ask .... my husband asked me what that meant.. it is my way of describing those cool houses in movies with Dean Martin with a drink  or Sean Connery being suave..ok ?)
He told me where to find a door .. for free. I hate our ugly front door.
He helped us figure out how to juice up the battery on the lawn mower ... my husband has his fun coming soon ..

Thanks to my friend Billy, I know that I want the house color to be one color and the trim to be darker. That is as far as I got. Now I have to think of a good color. Grey and Khaki/Olive are possibilities.

Of course, Billy actually does live in one of those houses with a name, like Eichler .. I love him .. I love his house.

So ... the handbags are put away, never mind how many and where the others are that are still waiting for their place . The shoes are lined up and pretty happy with all the room they have .. all in their own boxes, on the shelves, little do they know how close they came to being put away alphabetically.

For the first time in 7 years, I am waiting for things to be delivered to my house.
Online shopping things.
I am loving this being back in the USA.

Coach ... and Sephora .. oh joy oh joy ~


  1. I'm on the Coach sale email alert thing - soooo many ridiculously wonderful things to buy online!!!! :) I hope you've found time to appease the bags!

  2. Sephora came yesterday and I am thrilled.
    Coach is today and it will be equally thrilling I am sure. I am liking this mail shopping.
    The bags are very forgiving. I told them each one will get its turn. Can't have bag mutiny !


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