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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coca Cola is the &^%$ Thing

So ... I admit it .. I drank coke for breakfast in the "old days".
Back when I was only slightly more of a sugar addict than I am today.
Although, the amount of coffee I drink which is laced with multiple spoonfuls of sugar, might be sweeter than a bottle of coke.

So we bought a 6 pack of little coke bottles and it was hot and I was thirsty so  I grabbed one out of the fridge and twisted the little top and it cracked open and sliced my finger open too.

Yeah, I was attacked and wounded by a coca cola bottle lid.
I bled.
I cursed ...
I learned some pretty good Bad words over the years and I think I used most of them.
Then I bled some more.

I took a photo of my finger.
Don't laugh... it gets better.

I took a photo of the bottle cap and sent them to Coca Cola and complained about the lids being ridiculous and what if a child opened that bottle.
With little bitty fingers.. I shudder to think.

So I got a response.
A very long questionnaire about nothing related to why they make their lids so sharp edged that a person can slice a finger open , opening a bottle of coke.

I sent back my response.
"Don't be silly, this is ridiculous, here is a photo of my finger and the bottle ."

So beware of Coca Cola bottles, don't let your children open them although they are probably more adept at most things than I am.
And wear protective gloves when you open them for your children .

Or find a new drink.

This has been brought to you by a 9 fingered typist too. Just so you know. I am wounded.
Flowers and boxes of chocolates do make boo-boos feel better. 


  1. Ouch! I'm sorry you injured your finger. I think that stuff is just bad for us all the way around! How about ginger ale? :)

  2. Ouch!!! Finger boo-boos hurt the worst, hope it feels better tomorrow and that you'll get an educated response from a human at Coca Cola :) with a coupon for a free one on them for your pain and suffering - the least they could do!!! xx


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