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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let The Fun Begin !

I seem to have forgotten what is involved when owning a House.
I mostly remember the apartment in Argentina .. 100 years old and oozing charm and sometimes water from upstairs .. Stately, charming and foreign.
When things are foreign, I tend to forgive easier.
So what if the floors made so much noise ? So what if the bathtub was so big that the water got cold before it was filled up ?
So what if the glass in the windows was wavy and distorted the view .. it is old !
It is beautiful.
Now we have this house.

It is not too old .. but it is old .. and not that charming .
But the property makes it heavenly. An acre of woods, shrubs, flowers and lawns, a pool , bird houses on all the trees on the perimeter, honeysuckle all over the side of the garage, chipmonks scurrying around , all sorts of birds flying all over the place ..

I went down to the basement to see the washer and dryer.
I promptly had a breakdown.
(When I was a child, I saw a magazine where  Real Life crime photos of a murder had been published.. I think it was committed in my new basement.)
So my sweet husband has promised to paint it all bright white, put in carpet and I think I will have airport runway lights put in .. no dark corners allowed.
Maybe I can pipe in music ? well, maybe not but I think he might end up being my laundry companion from now on....

The movers called ... they will be here Saturday the 29th.
I will once again, be moving into a new home.
I can't wait .. because you know there is decorating to do, shopping for things to decorate with, company coming to see the new place, a grandbaby due any minute and more .. let the fun begin !


  1. YAHOO!!!
    What time does the fun begin!
    What can I bring?
    Good luck...
    Better get at that laundry!

    Linda :o)


  2. Sounds like 'busy' is the go-to word for some time now dear..........but you'll manage to get it all shipshape and beautiful in time.

    The basement - yes good lighting is the best idea for creepy spaces, and of course white paint by the gallon! Hope the furniture arrives promptly, in perfect condition, and on a sunny, dry day which always makes it much easier.

    Good luck, thinking of you.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. You will be busy for sure! :). The fun kind of busy. The best kind. Yeah.. i can picture your basement. Older New England houses often have cellars like that. Like something out of Paranormal Witness or a Stephen King novel...

  4. How old is your "new" home? You are so lucky to have a back drop of Mother Nature.


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