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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Looking back

I thought I would show you some photos from our days in Buenos Aires.
Wonderful, sunfilled, amazing, happy days in Buenos Aires.

Today we bought a new home in New York .
So I am showing you my old home .. ( our Argentine home) .. I loved that placeĀ !
Our home

The museum across the street from our super market

Pilar and Recoleta Cemetery and those skies, those amazing Argentine skies!

huge tree
The park where we would stop on the walk back from the bakery, where we would sit on a bench and people watch and feed the pigeons. That tree ... that amazing tree.
Sweet Pup
Sweet Pup ... we will always miss him.


  1. Oh.. wonderful Pup. His eyes were sweet and loving!

    These are beautiful pics. That sky is indeed magnificent! I'm sure you're glad to be home, but i'm also certain you miss Buenos Aires, and i can totally see why... :)

  2. Beautiful photos... misty eyed over that curly haired happy boy!!!!! xx Can't wait to start seeing photos of the new place, gardens, pool, etc.!!!!!! xx


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