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Alan Cohen
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Friday, June 21, 2013

So ... here's the story

I am going to be quiet for a little while.
Things are starting to happen faster and moving day is close and Baby Day is suddenly close .. like maybe early .
Every day we go to the house and spend the day doing this or that and come back here starving and tired in the evening and collapse ..
I am an old woman .. I need my soft bed and sleepy time.
Our son called today to let us know that the  Little One will be on his way early.
Like next week.
When the movers are on the way ..
We met our next door neighbor who is very friendly and very nice and who loves to garden. ( the perfect next door neighbor for me !)
She is going to take care of our yard while we are in Manhattan, becoming grandparents ! How good is that neighbor ??
So I will be taking a break from blogging while all these things and so many more lovely things are going on and when possible, I will post a photo or perhaps a short quick note ..
The end ~


  1. I'll be anxiously awaiting all the news! Hope everything runs smoothly for you and your family.

    A gardening neighbor - fabulous - you've hit the jackbox there!

    Take care dear -

  2. Scarlett,

    Best wishes to you and your family ... and the new, soon to arrive, baby!



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