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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here we are ...

Yes, here we are ..  back home, back in the USA, back where things are familiar but not, children are here, but not that close and the food is tasty and we totally understand the language .. well .. mostly.

Due to the  slightly misleading advertising done by some, the houses we thought we would love, the homes we thought we would call ours, are disappointing, ugly, depressing and downright condemnable.

(If condemnable is not a word, it is now... don't mess with me, I am in a Mood.)

So we met the realtor this morning and we all piled into his car and off we went.
One really sad house after another.
If Pup had been with us, he would have refused to get out of the car.
At one house, I almost refused to get out of the car.

All that real estate talk about cozy just means that you and your husband cannot stand in the kitchen together at the same time and that spiral staircase is there because the only way you are getting up there to that bedroom is by ladder or that rickety scary staircase...
Never mind you would have to do it in the dark of night if you should feel the need to visit the loo ...

Then there was the cute little house where  you had to forget  the fact that every room had a wet spot on the ceiling, that there was an all glass door to the outside in the master bedroom !
I imagine waking up in the night and having shiny eyes staring in the door .. who cares if it is a deer, a bear or a raccoon ..
I will have nightmares about that now, here in my upstairs bedroom with plenty of doors, windows and curtains !
I think I might just forget it all and stay here, in this delightful rental.

We won't even discuss the one where the house was situated on a corner, with cars coming and going on all sides and the realtor suggested maybe some shrubs or landscaping might help ... help what ? the view for the people who will be sitting at the corner waiting to turn ?

I am cranky.
I am disappointed.
I am really counting on the lovely lady with her lovely  English accent, who will show us some homes Saturday.. and tomorrow, someone is showing us a house that I have lost all memory of asking to see .
This is what happens .. moving, househunting, eventually, the mind, she just melts away.

It is raw and grey and cold and as we walked out to the car, a squadron of geese flew overhead , honking and beautiful.
Little tiny purple crocus are peeping out of the ground, trying to decide if it is warm enough or maybe they should wait a little longer.
The shrubs are getting this pale yellow haze, soon they will be blooming flowers and leaves .
We drive by fields where horses are grazing, some have cows grazing.
You can smell the woodsmoke in the air .

It is raw and grey and cold and so very beautiful.


  1. Oh i'm sorry the day turned out so wrong for you. Hopefully it will get better and you and your husband will find something you're both in love with. No wet spot, no rickety staircase, no dollhouse sized kitchen, and for goodness sake, no enormous window/door in your bedroom! What a realtor nightmare. I hope this weekend you get an intelligent realtor. I really do. Chins up! :) It'll get better!

  2. Gack! I just went back and read that and realized i wrote 'chins' instead of 'chin'! I meant for you and your husband to keep your chins up.. i wasn't implying that you have a double chin. I promise. Yeesh!

    PS I'M the one with the two chins!

  3. Looking at real estate can be disheartening, but eventually you'll know the market, the location, and when it gets really discouraging, all of a sudden you'll find a place that you like and can make your own. Good luck! Don't get discouraged, especially since you're in a rental you enjoy, so there is no real urgency.

  4. LOL! Mary, I read it as both of our chins, thank you ! Today is another day, and another realtor :)
    Anony, thank you, a new day brings new high spirits, it is so beautiful here, it is not difficult to cheer up.. even on a rainy day.

  5. Have you considered doing some research online? Checking listings for what You want to see, not just what They want to show you? Might help. Just sayin'.

  6. Anony, we have been doing the online research since we were in Buenos Aires.
    It all boils down to ... nothing looks as good in person as it does online .. at least when looking for real estate.
    No worries though, we have plenty of places to look and time to do it.


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