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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Neither Here nor There

I am waking early each morning, my body clock is still not sure what time it is.
For that matter, I am never sure what day it is ~

A few weeks ago, I was trying to find something that was comfortable to wear in the summer heat, yesterday I considered buying a warmer coat.
My husband reminds me the clothes are on the boat which will be here someday .. that knowledge somehow does not keep me any warmer .. I must buy flannel pajamas, my summer silky ones are useless in keeping me warm. ( I have no idea why I packed summer pajamas)

It is nice to see Spring in the Berkshires .. crocus are up in the yard, the trees have a green haze on them, baby leaves about to pop open.. shrubs have little nubs of buds on them, soon to burst open into greenness .. flowers peeping up in the ground.
Along with the occassional warm day, comes a thunder storm, and colder temperatures again.

We see baby lambs, baby cows and hear the birds each day ..
This is life in the Country.

We like it !

The house hunt continues, with a new realtor , we have high hopes.

Today- I find a mall.


  1. So this is where I have to come to find you!!!
    Kept wondering about you...
    Now I know...
    You are miserable [about the house hunt]...
    You are freezing [need new pj's]...
    you are happy to be back in your good old US of A...
    Sorry you had to come back to such a crappy Spring..
    I am in the same boat here...
    No cottage sleepovers...too cold..
    I have been sick with pnuemonia...

    But...I am optimistic...for you and me...

    Linda :o)

  2. I'm so glad you found a new realtor! Hopefully you'll find something you fall madly in love with. The countryside is gorgeous in Springtime with everything coming back to full life. :) Sorry it's so cold for you. It's been an unusually cold spring here in OR too.

  3. Thank you Kelly !!

    Linda, poor you ! I just have a cold and like to moan and groan, you have every right to complain. I hope you feel better fast and that your spring is short and summer is long and sunny.
    I am actually enjoying the feeling of cool days and cold nights in April. For the past 6 years it was warm muggy nights and warm muggy days .. and autumn rains.

  4. Mary, thanks ! We are seeing one house tomorrow then Tuesday is booked for all day. Can't wait !
    Stay warm :)


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