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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And the Hunt has begun

Things took a little time to get started but we are now easing into the serious job of House Hunting.
Realtors like to listen to us , our list of wants and don't wants then they give us a list and tell us to pick what we want to see.
As in all things in life, some things (realtors) are better than others.

So we think we have hit the Realtor Bonanza with our Massachusetts realtor B .. and the lovely lady in NY , J.
J has an office in an area that I dream of living in .. it reminds one of a green corner of Scotland , hills, streams, narrow winding road and beautiful homes with fences that flowers cover .
I really must live there.

B is warning us that tomorrow we are going to be here there and everywhere , we should rest up and be prepared.
I have been prepared, we are so glad to be doing this..

The weather has gotten slightly less cold , a little cloudy and damp but everything is starting to bud and bloom and the trees have a green haze about them .. birds are everywhere and I am so glad to see it all.

The house here continues to be a treat.
As is the man who owns it .

I am not letting the fashions of the area slip past me .. I see what they are wearing, I check out the shoes/ boots and hats and coats and figure where I will be in that mix.

I am not what one would call a Woodsy type of person.
I am no longer a  Country kind of girl.
And I have ceased to be the NYer or the Buenos Aires Senora ..

Who will I be ?


  1. just discovered your blog and am already hooked by your story. i'm curious to know all about BA and hope you feel at home back in the US soon - although I'm sure Buenos Aires will be a hard act to follow :)

  2. Thank you ! Mandy, I saw a home today that had a little stream in the back and there by the stream was a small stone buddha .. you would have liked it, I think.

    Thank you Phyllis !
    So far, Home is living up to Buenos Aires. The people remain as friendly as ever and everyone has been helpful and I can't even complain about the drivers :)


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