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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Saga of The Bag Lady

I like handbags.
I see no reason why I should not have as many as I want .
I use them, they don't just sit there ... although there are a couple who have been known to mutter now and then about having to stay home a lot.

I buy one when I see one that I like.
I do not have to Need a bag to buy it.
How many bags I already have has no bearing on my looking or shopping for a bag.

The only thing that really has any bearing on it is ... cost and color and how much do I love it .

I tried to do some pre-packing today.
It didn't go so well.
I ended up surrounded by hand bags that all begged  to come with me.
I tried to tell them about the big bad man that said I can only take maybe 2 or 3 .. he would be happy if I only took 1 , which is impossible and we won't even discuss this.
So instead of doing some preliminary packing or just getting my underwear into zip lock bags so I can be the most organised person who ever moved house ... I sat on the floor and looked at all my handbags.
I checked the pockets and made sure everything was empty and neat and ready to be packed, stored and shipped and stored some more.

And then I ran into a "bump" ... Which bag got to go with me?
Who gets to ride on the airplane with me ?
Who gets to come along in the suitcases when I want a change in bags ?
Who wants to be a Carry- on ??

All those little bag hands waving in the air, little voices calling, Me ! Me !

I think I was sitting on the floor , surrounded by handbags for hours.

Then the phone rang, someone wanted to come here for a minute, I screamed at my husband, ran around throwing a hissy fit and shoved all the bags into their cubbies and left them there to ponder ... who gets to go to New York with mama ?

to be continued :

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