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Friday, March 8, 2013


The time has come.
We have to begin to throw things away and be prepared for Packing Days to begin.
I have started making lists in my head regarding what to pack, what I can live without, what I can just buy there and what will I need arriving in cold weather and eventually needing warm weather clothes.

I guess maybe we will have to find that new house really fast .  I looked online for ideas on packing. 
I get overwhelmed and find that what makes me feel better is that everything is ( in an anal sort of way) perfectly orderly. 
  I should own stock in Zip Loc bags because I use so many.
This photo is not mine. 
It is an example for me to use when I get bogged down in how and where and why can't I have 6 suitcases ???
Then I try to listen to my husband. 
He is wise. He is also the one who says he doesn't need anything but .. and he shows me a couple of shirts and one pair of pants. 
But we all know this is not true.
He needs as many clothes as I do.
Or I won't be seen in public with him.
Not really.
I envy any one who can go anywhere with only one bag , well two. 
This is more the way it looks when I travel. With only 2 people but the rest is my luggage.

This is the way everything else will look. 
Thank goodness for men who know what they are doing and  
and do it for you for a certain amount of money. 
Some things , in my opinion, are worth every single cent. 
Only problem here is they won't pack my clothes and shoes for me too. 

I will manage. I always do. Even if I have to get someone else to come sit with me on the suitcase.


  1. Good luck with the packing , I'm not a huge fan the packing unpacking drives me bonkers haha.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Meghan, me too. I get kind of dictatorial with everyone, making sure they all do everything exactly the way I want it. I can be no fun.


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