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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In the Closet

Some people have been known to refer to people like me as "pack rats" ...
 I am not sure I appreciate that but some days when I am being especially truthful and unbiased, I agree.
I hate to throw things away.
I know I will need them someday.
I might gain weight, loose weight, get tall, who knows ? I hate to throw things away.

So we look at the situation ... everything we have is in our vestidor.. the beautiful dressing room we had built when we moved here.
It was a maids room/office.. now the walls are closets, cupboards from floor to ceiling, with a big window, a nice chest of drawers and a pretty rug on the floor.

But open the doors of the cupboards and be careful, you might be buried alive under an avalanche of clothes, folded, not folded, in bags, in boxes, just waiting for someone to release them from captivity.

They need to be gone through, put into Winter/Summer piles, folded and either put away for the movers to pack or put into a suitcase that I will pack.

Sounds easy .
Since we sold the apartment, I have gone into that room and looked at all that has to be done....
then walked out again.
I have done nothing.
Not a thing.

So today, we will go buy a new suitcase, I want something that will neatly roll along with me, not require dragging like a dead animal through the airport.
I want something that will manage to hold everything I own and still be under the weight limit.
If it could pack and unpack itself  would be a treat but they probably don't sell those here.

So here I sit, time for a second cup of coffee, making plans for the day.. reading my emails, looking at houses for sale online ( thank you and vaguely imagining what I need to pack for the next at least 3-4 months into 2 suitcases.

I think the key to all of this is knowing that IF I forgot to pack it, IF it all does not fit, I can buy it there.
My new mantra : If I didn't pack  it, I can buy it.

I like that.

Have a good day.
If you need me, just give a shout.
I will be in the closet.




  1. You haven't shown us many photos of the apartment. I would love to see it before you move on.

    Just think you will soon be back in the land of to buy 6 packs of socks and knickers if you run out!

  2. Wish I were there. I could so help you with moving.

    Plus, I just very much want a vestidor some day, and want to see how it's done, properly.


    p.s LOVE that dresser. Wow.

  3. Nice job... BUT I want that mirror that used to be there!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your new home and how you'll decorate it. xx

  4. The mirror was the door to her ( previous tenant) wardrobe.. ugly ..
    Me too :)

    Pearl, I hope your vestidor dreams come true, you deserve them !

    I will show more photos, since we are leaving lol ..

  5. You are so funny, Candice...
    I wish for all the things you mentioned!!! hahaha...

    Linda :o)

  6. Good luck with your packing. I don't blame you a bit for procrastinating. I would too. Oh if only we could twitch our noses like Samantha... :)

  7. Oh maannn, if only I could twitch my nose and get things done !


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