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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello, New York ! part 1

Catching up is hard to do ...
The flurry of goodbyes at the hotel in BA was difficult.
We were so excited, full of anticipation and at the same time, so sad to say goodbye to the city, the people, the friends and life as we knew it there.

The flight was fine.
We had excellent seats, we slept, we were not unhappy about anything other than not that much sleep, who can sleep when you are returning home after 6 years ??

The luggage was waiting for us, the Immigrations officer said Welcome Home and the car was clean, fast and got us to our sons home in record time.
You won't hear any complaints from me !

It is cold .
I knew it would be cold but knowing it and feeling it are two different things !
My toes are cold.
I am happy I have some wool things but there is going to be some serious shopping done in the next few days .. someone at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales as well as Zara and Lord & Taylor is gonna be my new best friend.

So far , there is a car dealer here who is our new best friend, he  proceeded to promise us a car with all the things we want and it will be ours in a day or two. Tomorrow will be the day ..
I hope the car looks as good as it did online. . in black.
(why did they show it online in Orange ? orange ??)

It was my birthday a couple of days ago.
Our son and daughter in law took us out to dinner. I was asked what kind of food.
Italian.. NewYork Italian.
Everything and I mean every single thing was perfect.
The place, the service, the table , the music ( Sinatra, Tony Bennet ) , and the food.. calamari, mussels, eggplant, pasta with olives and seafood and gnocchi and fish with vegetables .. dessert aka birthday cake was a dense chocolate cake .
I missed this sort of food, this sort of selection, these choices.
I was given a gift that was so unexpected and so beautiful, I wept .. yes, at the table in front of everyone .. I weep when happy too .. I am weeping a little every day if you want to know the truth.

Breakfasts have been coffee at a nearby diner where everyone knows everyone and the second time we came in they knew our orders. I hope this does not mean we are predictable ?
I am on a Soup kick.
Probably due to the fact that I have not actually been warm since arriving.
I am trying out every small, hole in the wall type of greasy spoon place and delighting in homemade chicken rice soups and minestrone and the atmosphere.
This is New York.
Where we sat at a counter having our soup out of big bowls and 2 men who have seen better times were chatting with the owner .. when they left, he gave them soup to go and declined to take payment.

We have been taking walks where we see different areas, charming little "villages" in the midst of the huge borough .. areas with gardens, charming cafes and small town feeling shops and bakeries.
I have never been in this part of NY for more than a drive through and I am charmed by the ethnic mix and small town feel ..

Now it is time to meet our son and go have some soup.
And there is this little shop along the way that I might drop into .. you know, just to look.


Razmataz said...

Welcome home. It sounds like you are right at home!

Anonymous said...

So happy to know you are in USA!! I was very concerned that getting your money out of Argentina might have been problematic regardless of all 'i-s' dotted and 't-s' crossed. Welcome back!!

cigalechanta said...

Welcome Home!!1882

Furtheron said...

Good luck with it all - sounds good so far.

I met Tony Bennett in NY well in the lounge at JFK - I cut his bagel for him... that isn't a euphemism btw

Linda said...

Welcome home, I love little "villages" in the midst of a huge borough. Live in one in Toronto, Canada, it is the best, lake, gardens,charming cafes, enjoy!

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