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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday - Buy A Car Day

It is Tuesday, it must be Buy A Car Day !
Part of the plan was that we were to arrive here and almost immediately go find a car.
Buying a car would allow us to check out of the NYCity hotel and head north  and proceed to go on a nice House Hunt in real life .. rather than online using my favorite website these days ..
I  heart Trulia.

We had our car brands narrowed down to a couple.
We knew we had to actually be there and see them before deciding which car was going to be The One.

From the photos, I really liked one sort of car.
When we saw it, in person, it was a bit of a letdown .. it was not quite as .. maybe macho is the word .. but it still looked good.

The car was not what we had hoped for, we were disappointed .
Here were two cars, one we were sure we wanted, one I was sure I did not want.
There are days that deciding between a brown sweater and a blue sweater sends me into a tizzy, here we had to decide between colors, sizes, styles and things like Blue Tooth ... Teeth ? ... or fabric seats/leather and automatic or 5 speed.
So we went home after promising to Think About It.

Last night ... we decided ... today the salesman picked us up at the hotel.
We walked into the dealership and he got the keys and took us out to drive the car.
It was so .. so ... not as nice as the books and photos .
We took it for a drive .. stick shift .. awful.
What to do ? What to do ?!
We asked to drive the Other one.
We liked it. It drove nicely.
We bought it.

They are doing all that stuff dealerships do .. prepping, shining and polishing and the day after tomorrow we pick up and drive away in our new car .
The color ? Graphite.
Then they drove us home.

Dinner was Chinese food delivered to our room.
We forgot you need dishes and bowls for Chinese take out .. we ate out of the containers. It was sort of sloppy and fun and we are so happy to be back here, that slurping lo mein with a plastic fork out of a box was just right.

Tomorrow .. 5th Avenue and a few department stores ..
Say hello to the New York Public Library .. and maybe Barneys .

Thursday, if all goes according to plan, we will hop into our new car and head North. More on that later.


Mary said...

Yay! It sounds like a fruitful.. if very busy.. voyage so far! Fun. Soon.. very soon.. you'll be settled and all at home again. I'm glad you're still making posts. I love 'em. :)

MyriamC said...

Can't wait to read the next installment ...

Linda said...

I haven't been to N.Y in many years. Enjoy and please remind me what 5th Avenue is like!

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