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Monday, March 18, 2013

Fly Away Home

This will be my last post for a little while, as we will be leaving tomorrow night and you know how the last hours are before moving house, all those things still to be done, packed, people to be called, met and anxiety attacks to be had.

I must do some last minute shopping and take a walk to say goodbye to the streets and shops and places I have loved and visited daily for the past 6 years.

I must imprint these last sights in my memory .

I must remember how the  strangers here smile at you, how strangers are helpful and good natured and how the parrots fly in little squadrons overhead, screeching , on the way to their nests high in the palm trees in the parks .

I must remember how the pigeons and doves gather around the minute you enter the park with a scone in hand.... how do they know ?!

I must look around one more time and see the ghost of that dog that made my days so happy and comforted me when things were unsettled, he and my husband were the constants in my daily life... thankfully, my husband is still here with me. We both miss that pup each day.

I must concentrate on the new house, in the new town, in the woods that will be our next home.
I must concentrate on the new puppy and probably a kitten who will join us .

I must concentrate on the new baby that will be in the family as of July.
I must brush up on my grand mothering skills ..

I must remember that I only continue to blog because of the sweet readers who comment and send me emails and continue to encourage me , thank you for that !

It is time to go ... see you in North America at the end of the week.

besitos and abrazos and muchas gracias por todo .. ( see I do know some Espanol)


  1. Be the biggest sponge that you can be over the next few hours!!

    Safe travels, looking forward to hearing from you again when you're back in this hemisphere!


  2. Here's hoping you have an easy trip back... hope it all goes well

  3. Something is lost but a lot will be found. Hope your landing is smooth. MtV

  4. This post brings a few tears to my eyes, even though i'm not the one saying goodbye. Perhaps you will visit Buenos Aires on a future vacation? I've never found it easy to wrap my mind around 'forever.' Have a safe trip North, and best wishes in finding a lovely new home! I look forward to future posts from you. Yours are some of my very favorites. (And no, i don't say that to all the bloggers..) :D


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