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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking Forward

Winter is arriving  fast in Buenos Aires.
We walked out the door of the hotel, thinking we would wander the neighborhood and take photos and stop at a cafe .. Sunday kinds of things.
It is windy and cold !
We scurried back to our room, got scarves and sweaters and went to a mall... typical Sunday all over the world, it seems.

Everyone was at the mall, I wanted to look at baby clothes.
After looking, I decided to wait until I was back in the USA, where I know the brands and sizing and what I want will be easy to find.

So we looked and wandered and came home.
To the hotel.
Our next home .. a hotel in NYC.
The home after that - a hotel in Upstate NY or Massachusettes.
After that, if all good things happen the way they are planned, we should have a real home by the beginning of summer.
Gardening will be my new pasttime, forget about the mall !

Decorating will continue to be my pasttime, forget about clothes !

Cooking in a new home with a big kitchen , forget about restaurants !
So much to look forward to ..and Warm Weather will arrive !


  1. Have a safe and beautiful trip! I'm happy you're happy, and i can't wait to see your new home in pics! Gardening is a wonderful pastime. :)

  2. Happy that you are moving forward on your next adventure and that you will soon be back in USA with family. It has been very fun to read about your life in Buenos Aires. When I visited this past November, I enjoyed it very much and have loved remembering my enjoyable vacation through your photos and insights.

    Safe travels and good luck with the ensuing move!


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