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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holding Pattern

So ... while I sit here trying to wake up , not having slept that well, dreams of blizzards fighting with dreams of spiders in the bed ( yes, dream time in my head is not always about shopping) ..
I imagine what it will be like to be back in the US.

Right now it would be pretty cold and seeing all that snow would be kinda fun.
I am sure the fun part would fade quickly, I never did like that snowed in feeling for long.
It was quickly replaced with that Bored Kids Will Kill Me feeling, followed by Take Me Somewhere Warm feeling.

Having lived in South America for about 6 years now, I admit with no shame that I still have trouble with the seasons and often , quite often, forget which day it is.
Senility may have something to do with it , but I prefer to blame the idea that all my life, December and January were freezing cold and often contained things like snow and well, Blizzards.

Now it means I have to remember sun block, I live with fear of the air conditioning breaking down and I hide from the sunlight so I don't have yet another little spot removed from my poor body which will soon have permanent polka dots all over it.

When you don't work, when there are no requirements made of you, you tend to drift a bit.
Now that Pup is gone, I am not required to get up and feed or walk him ... my poor sweet husband is so wonderful about not being demanding, he will eat anything easy to make and or take me out or call for delivery.
Nothing is required of me.
Which sounds great and feels wonderful for about a month or so then you begin to feel useless and you start to drift.

So it has been great, all of it .... but I am now in the Holding Pattern.
I am neither here nor there.
I have lost interest in most of the things around me ... I see them as Temporary now and I am too anxious to be house hunting , buying a car and driving again after 6 years !!
If you are out on the road in the NY/Ct area, I want you to be particularly careful in the coming months ..

If you have any questions about housing or the market based on Trulia . com, I am the one to ask.
I have become a devotee of Trulia .
How we ever found a house in the past, is beyond me.
It is a miracle that we were able to find, buy and enjoy living in houses that I just saw one day .. in real life.
Now I know these houses inside and out, I know their measurements, their cost and I know what they look like from a Birds Eye view ... thank you Trulia.
You have made such a difference in my life when I needed it.

So my shopping for bags, shoes and fashionable city girl wear are coming to an end.
Car dealerships, houses, neighborhoods, antiques , furniture  shopping ... all await me.
And a Pup and a Cat will be there too...

I will be blogging up until the last days here but then most likely there is going to be a quiet spell, while things are quiet in blog land, I will be doing Everything mentioned above and one day will tell you all about it. ... whether you wanted to know or not.


  1. While we fully appreciate that you'll be incredibly busy when you land back in the US, we'd urge you to continue to write (and share with us in real time) the final chapter in the "Abroad" story!

    And then, of course, we'll look forward to something new from you- we're imagining something sort of "Green Acres meets The Stepford Wives"?

  2. Haha ~~ Exactly ! I just don't know if I will be Green Acres or Mrs Stepford !
    I will post as often as possible .. promise.. and who can say this is the Final chapter ? One never knows ~

  3. You only feel like that because you are in limbo but, once you get settled again, there will be so much to do.
    It's an exciting time and, I am looking forward to hearing how you are getting on once you are settled in a bit.
    Hope all goes smoothly for your big move. XXXX


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