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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Summer / Winter Blues

I know, most of you are up to your necks in Winter misery.
Our family is snowed in, in their various homes in various parts of NY.
They have gotten all of my advice that they need.
It sounds something like this - Stay inside, stay warm, send me photos, be careful.

Mom's .. what can I say ~

I want to talk to my sister in law who lives alone.
I want to hear how she is  and I will ask her if she is building a snowman .. this will make her laugh.
I hope.

So enough about you .. what about me ?

It Is SOO Hot here.

We took a walk.
The birds were lying in the shade, panting.
We saw a lady dragging an overweight Old English Bulldog along.
The dog was definitely going to have a stroke.
The sounds were not of this world and then the lady stopped , pulled out a big bottle of water and started squirting it in the dogs mouth and face.
I could not control my laughter, it was the best funny dog sight I have seen in a while.

Last we saw of them, she was trying to pick up the dog .. it probably felt like I do.
In fact, if I spoke dog, I would have known the dog was saying, just get me inside with some a/c !

Which happens to be where I am and I am not leaving until a big storm or winter breaks this misery.

So the pigeons and doves are lolling around in the grass.
There are no squirrels here, that took a while to adjust to ... but the rest of the park wildlife were hiding in the shade and fanning themselves.

There were very few people out.
Seemed like most of them were carrying City Maps and cameras and trying to figure out which street to take.

I got to visit with my favorite baby in the corner market then scurried home to the coolness of shady rooms and air conditioning .

So how is it where you are ?
How hot ? How cold ? Miserable ? Fun ?
Do tell ...


  1. Next winter you may well find yourself dreaming fondly about the warmth you are feeling now in Buenos Aires

  2. There is no doubt about that :)
    We just had a huge storm .. grande tormento !!


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