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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Photo

The entrance to Recoleta Cemetery. Resting place ( for a short time) of Evita Duarte Peron and final resting place to many Argentine luminaries and families.
It is almost as wonderful as Pere Lachaise in Paris .. amazing tombs in the most beautiful Art Nouveau, Bauhaus , Art Deco and everything other kind of design. There are quite a few stories about the people who are buried there.. many are fascinating.
And then there are the cats. I am not sure how many cats live there.
They are fed and cared for by the ladies of Recoleta, who make sure they are fed and if anyone needs a vet,  they are caught and taken care of .
You can take a tour or you can do what we do , just walk in and wander .. it is like a museum.
Leave a donation when you go.
And do not forget your camera !

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  1. Oh my friend Recoltea Cemetery was one of our favourite places that we visited. We went twice and the photos opportunities are brilliant. I think one could spend a week taking photos there and still not get every beautiful monument.

    Wishing you a fabulous week..xo C. (HHL)


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