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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Firemen in Buenos Aires

The firemen here in Buenos Aires, are more like Federal police.
They stay in a walled in compound, they wear cool uniforms and they are all very muscular and handsome.
Much like most of the policemen here.
Yes, I notice these things.

When there is a fire, you can hear that siren coming ... they blow their horns and run a siren so even a deaf person can hear them.
What makes them a little different from the firemen I was used to in the US, is that they all ride inside the truck, you can't see them when they go by.

But I have seen them standing around the station that is not far from our home.

When that little girl says she wants to marry a fireman, do not discourage her.
When that little boy says he wants to be a fireman, encourage him.

Coming from New York, I have a special fondness for firemen.

Which all leads me to show you this video that might be old news to all of you in the rest of the world, but hey! I live at the bottom of the world, it is new to me.
Enjoy ~

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  1. very hot and I haven't seen it before but 5 mill have
    Fireman seem tobe universally cute everywhere


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