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Friday, October 5, 2012

Diane Keaton and Me

 Diane Keaton

I have always liked  Diane Keaton.
Her sense of humour, her way of dressing, her lifestyle,  all add up to a woman I wish I could have met and we could  been "girlfriends"   ... or at least been acquaintances .
We  could have had nice long chats about houses and design and all those architectural things that have become a great interest of mine.
No, I am not secretly some deranged groupie, I just think that it would be nice to know someone who has such a quirky way of seeing things and who shares the same interests. ( although I don't really care much for Warren Beatty anymore, but she probably doesn't either )..

Who knew that I, whose main interest in design used to be about clothes , would now be All About Houses and Architectural Design ??
Stranger things have happened .... but ....

I like the  idea of her  book so much that I am considering putting together one of my own.
I will save my photos ( over 1,000 now) and see if when we get back to New York, I might do something .. who knows, your coffee table may some day be graced with a nice big book full of photographs of architectural beauties in Buenos Aires.
Photographed by Me !

Hey ! Stranger things have happened !

In the meantime,  our  little architectural gem remains on the market and as we sit and wait for the buyers to show up , they must have taken a wrong turn last month, we continue to go exploring and shopping .
And I with my camera, continue to record everything, so I will at least have these photos one day when we are back in the United States, far far away from Buenos Aires .
And houses like this ....

Then Diane Keaton can tell people, Ahhh yes, she blogged about me once, way back, before she was famous !


  1. I just bought Diane Keatons book California Romantica....all about Spanish homes in California....I had not idea she wrote it...bought it by fluke to satisfy my passion for Spanish houses.....I will buy your book if you sign it for me.!

  2. Ah dear friend, you will be back on USA soil before you know it. And oh what a fabulous book you are going to create! Like Razmataz above, I will be wanting it signed .. Hugs to you both..xo C. (HHL)

  3. I was having lunch at "Fervor" in Recoleta and I swear DK was seating next to us.


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