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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Good Time To Be Here

We have been inside quite a lot with the need to avoid unbearable heat and humidity.
Then there were the rains.
Heavy downpours, thunder and lightening then another hot , humid day.
Today was beautiful.
A cool wind, bright sun and low humidity as well as low temperatures drew us out of the house and into the light !

We took our old walk, the one we used to take several times a day, when there were the 3 of us.
Today the 2 of us walked down the shady street, making disapproving noises over the graffiti left on buildings, from protestors.
They are protesting the English by vandalising the homes of the people of Buenos Aires. .. we cannot make sense of this.

And on down to the Park .. "Pup's Park" is how it is known to some.
We used to sit on that bench under that tree and while away the afternoon, people watching, chatting, enjoying the place and our companionship.
Pup liked nothing better than to roll over in the flowers that fall on the ground and lay there while I would brush him off and tell him how pretty he was .. especially when he let me put a flower in his hair by his ear.
He was so patient and knew I was easy when it came to giving me a good laugh.

We did not stop, we walked past and on to the other parks, stopping to see how Evita was doing .
The grass in the park needs mowing and there is a forlorn look about the area but her statue is still there, amazing looking, with the Biblioteca Nacional looming over it all.
A real sight to see.

The heat and rain have combined to create an amazing amount of flowers blooming in the beautiful trees and flowering plants. Everywhere are flowers , lush plants and green.
Parrots are busy everywhere and the park keepers are busy, chopping back shrubs, branches are being cut back on trees and natural beauty is all around.

I guess you could say that it is a good time to be here .


  1. Thank you for taking me along on your week. You are living in a beautiful place and I would love to have a day or two in the the museums and galleries.

    Your opening image is spectacular, is it cherry blossom?

    Helen x

  2. Hi Helen, thank you !
    I am not sure what the tree is called but not a cherry tree. These flowers are huge, looking exactly like giant lillies.. a Pink Lily Tree :)

  3. I would love to see the parrots and go into the library and see if they have any English books. Enjoy the lovely day. MtV


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