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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today was a Terrible day in Buenos Aires

This morning when I woke , I lay there a minute wondering what was going on .. in that foggy fuzzy way a person thinks upon awakening.
Then I realised that it was sirens. Constant sirens.
Ambulances going past our home.
I asked my husband to turn on the television and see what has happened, something terrible must have happened.
And it did.

A commuter train, full of morning commuters , crashed into the station..
The brakes did not work for whatever reason and the train hit the barriers  , causing the second car to crash into the first ripping open roof tops and sides and people fell out and people were trapped and crushed .. the miracles were the people who got out uninjured.
The first person killed was a 7 year old little boy.

All day long the ambulances screamed past ,  heading to one of the many city hospitals.. as of now, there are 675 people injured and about 50 have  died.

It has been a very sad day in Buenos Aires.


Anonymous said...

How horrible and heartbreaking.

MyriamC said...

We saw it on the news. So tragic.

cigalechanta said...

I read about it this morming,
Very sad.

Valorie Hart - The Visual Vamp said...

Alberto and I read the papers from Buenos Aires everyday, and we were so upset about this.
Prayers for everyone and their families.
xo xo

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