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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

San Telmo

We went to San Telmo yesterday.
An entire neighborhood that looks like Buenos Aires "way back when" ..
Cobblestone streets, crumbling old buildings, renovated old buildings and one lane, back streets that tempt a person to move there and live behind a wall covered with flowering vines in an old casa.
A Casa for two .. of course, if I lived in a casa, there would end up being more than two of us.

We had lunch in a favorite little cafe, where we sat at a table for two under the staircase, next to the bar, so we were able to be secluded but listen to the louder-than-necessary young men at the bar discussing who knows what ! with much arm waving.

Sometimes I have to stop a minute and think ( well, this happens more than sometimes but never mind that ) and I remember I am in Argentina, not Italy.
But then, many many people here can trace their grandparents etc back to Italy so I am not so very confused ( or so I tell myself )

We wandered the back streets, took multitudes of photos, mostly of houses that I thought were worthy of looking at again .. Birds were singing like crazy, they know Spring is here, nests to be built, babies to hatch .
Flowering vines were bright green and heavy with buds, jasmine was hanging over walls, one wall was almost covered in lilacs and my imagination was zooming around at what it must be like behind those walls.
I picture the garden with a fountain and flowers and exotic green plants, comfortable old furniture and a home with many windows .. all looking out into their very own private garden.

I think I am growing wearing of living in a crowded city, in an apartment building, where I can hear and see too much of the people around me and not enough of the birds and quiet green spaces.
But this will pass.

Less than 2 months now until our Visitors arrive.


  1. Ah, Primavera in San Telmo! Divine!
    I think the purple flowers are Wisteria. The purple trees are Jacaranda.
    I wish I was there taking those long walks with you.

  2. I should have recognised the wisteria, something that threatened to envelope one of our homes in the US :)
    Yes, the jacarandas are not blooming yet but the red" bottle brush " trees are starting to pop now.
    I wish you were walking with me too .. I can see us now, chatter look at flowers, chatter , stop for coffee, chatter :)


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