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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where I live ...

Where I live there are a gazillion old buildings full of people .
The city is dotted with parks and there are areas in our neighborhood that are miles of parks and great huge trees and lakes and gardens.
But sometimes I daydream about moving .. here or there.
Then I think, there is almost everything I want where we are now, maybe if I just made a few changes here.
After a visit to the Flea Market this past week, I have been mulling over the possibilities of changing the look of things here.
My furniture mostly came with us from the U.S.
Most of it is antiques and they came from Europe and Asia.
But our bed was made and bought in New York City and that is the one thing that I consider changing.
I have a chandelier hanging over my bed... wouldn't it look good to have this sort of bed under a chandelier ?
I think so too.

This chandelier would be too large for the bedroom .. I might have to move into a larger apartment for this to work .. one with a ballroom.
But in this bedroom where I sit right now, is the petite version of this chandelier .. who knew they had babies ??

This is our "backyard" ... this is the way it looks when Summer arrives, completely.
Not just a hint of summer with a touch of green here and there but Full Blast Summer.
I am looking forward to it.
This has been my longest and saddest winter ever.
I need bright sun and warm days to wander the city and beyond .
This is a home in the neighborhood we like to walk in .. the Mayor of Buenos Aires lives here, as do Ambassadors and movie people and various other rich and famous types.
I think it would be nice if they let us live there too.
Somehow, I think this will not come about.
But it is a fun daydream.
This is one of the parks where we enjoyed stopping in and taking a rest not long ago, on one of our marathon walks around town.
Buenos Aires has one thing that amazes me on an almost daily basis.
The trees.
Where did they come from ?!
I am glad they are here but I have never seen trees quite like them. Wonderful.
You should come see for yourself.

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