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Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I had a Goal

Browsing through other blogs, enjoying the thoughts and photos and ideas of some of the most amazing people who blog, I came across one who spoke of Lists ...
To Do Lists and things that a person wants to accomplish in Life.
Life Lists.
Which was inspiring in it's own way- making me think - what would be on my List if I had one.

I used to make lists all the time.
On Sunday I would put together the List of Things To Do for Monday... you know that one, bank, groceries etc.
Then there were the longer term lists, what to do about the paint job in the kitchen or where are we going on vacation.

Then through a series of Fortunate Events, my husband retired early and we took off, leaving the house we thought was the best house we ever lived in ... to live in a few others, in other states and to continue looking for that place that would be Home ..

My list might be , Things to Look For in a New Home ..
or Countries that are Good For a New Home ..
What would have been different if I had made that sort of List...Goals.

I have reached goals that I never knew I had, lost track of goals that I thought I wanted to reach .. and now, goals don't have the same meaning to me as maybe they would have , years ago.

I have goals in my head for my children though :)
I want them to be in a place that makes my goal for Peace of Mind easier to obtain.

Contentment ... that is a good goal.
You can move and get better jobs and make your house so fabulous that Home magazines are fighting over you, but if you are not content in that home, with your life, then there is still work to be done.

I am not what you would call Totally Content.
I love my home. ( I can always do more to it though)
I love where I live ( but I get "homesick")
I love the people here, but I still can't understand most of what they say.

I am lazy.
I am here, so I relaxed and let some of those goals slide, you know, Learn The Language .

Now that Pup is gone, we no longer have to stay closer to home, but so far, my head has not caught up with that idea, I still feel like I should stay close to home.
This will probably go away as time goes by, but for now, we are exploring our home as if it were new again and enjoying it .

So I guess on that list would be Learn to Speak Castellano well.
Go to Brazil - Rio.
Go to see the Penguins.
I mean really, if I live in Argentina, I might as well see the penguins !

But then I think, I want to see the trees change color in the fall ... in Upstate New York.
I want to eat an apple from New York.
Visits can fix this .. The Goal ? do I want to go somewhere else ?
Does Paris still sound that good ?
England ? ( I can speak the language in England ... sort of )

Perhaps my goal will be to Have a Goal.

I have done many of the things on my List so far, and have done things that I never thought to put on a list and those have given me the most happiness.
Not planning some things or enjoying the unplanned, surprise parts of life make it worthwhile.

I never dreamt I would move to live in Argentina. And here I am ~

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  1. I think it is always important to have something to look forward to. Your idea of the list is one way to accomplish that but I think you also have to be flexible because things can change in a second and then you might need to move something up or down on the list in order of importance. Life has to be flexible but life also has to have some boundaries I think too. Some goals, some focus. Then you are free to rearrange as you go.


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