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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Primavera and What was I going to say?

We went back to the Hospital today.
I found out from my lovely friend Sandra , that once a year, they close the hospital and clean it from top to bottom.
I imagine this is a very Good Thing.
I now know to watch out for this next year when making plans for appointments.

I am pleased to say that I was a brave girl and did what I had to do and what every woman should do every year and I am fine.
I didn't kiss the technician but I felt like it.
But I did get out of there as fast as possible, hoping not to see that place for a while.
Seems like I have seen this hospital more in the past 4 years than anyone I know, and I am never sick. . Hospital sick.
But I guess that is part of it, I keep things watched and checked and stay well.
But yesterday was also Primavera and I think lolling in the park on a blanket with friends listening to music would have been a good way to spend the day.
Next year, that is what we will do.

About buying the purse that I have my eye on.
If not that one, another one will be purchased and odds are it will be this weekend.
Sometimes, you just need a new handbag.
For no reason.
Well, no reason a man would understand.

We are going to an Art Show tomorrow and hopefully to the cinema.

It is Spring .. so today was freezing cold and raw and grey.
I am starting to call my coats names and tell them I never want to see them again.
I have been wearing my little Chanel style work boots every day.
When I put on a ballet flat or any open shoe, my feet get all nervous and say Stop ! Look at us ! all white and naked ! cover us up, quick !!
I guess when the air is warm, they will feel like being out in it more often.
But they will miss those boots, they are so comfortable !

I plan to do some serious shoe shopping soon.
I love the new styles and if they don't have the best selections of shoes here in Buenos Aires, I don't know who does.
Well, alright, Paris does, Rome and London and okay !! New York City has a few nice shoe shops, but still, BA has sufficient numbers of fabulous shops for shoes.
And I intend on visiting them all.

Palermo is calling to me, I think this weekend might involve, Margaritas, Shopping, Giggling, Shopping.. please be sunny and warm !!

Our visitors will be here in 2 months.
Lists and lists are being written in my head, they really should be on paper.
My head seems to misplace things a lot lately.
Dates, names, words, faces... it is a very good thing that guy I live with, whatsisname, has a good memory.


  1. I hope the bag is still there. :-)

  2. I can't wait to see a photo of "the bag"! Every one needs a wonderful bag every now and again. They make us feel "worth it".


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