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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Testing testing ....

I went to the hospital today for a test.
I had to ready myself for this test over the past months, it takes a whole lotta internal cheerleading and no nonsense arguments with myself to get there and get this thing done.

So today- I did it. I had to take half a Xanax to get there but I got there.

The Hospital is closed today for sanitizing.
We are not talking about a little medical center.
This is a huge modern hospital with surgeries and mammographies and emergency rooms. What the ? ......

Tomorrow I am to call and get the appointment time.

Now all I can think of is what made a hospital close to sanitize itself .. isn't it already sanitary ?

So there I was , sort of relaxed and sort of happy .. put off for another day , what to do, what to do.
The sun is shining, it is at least 70º F...
That's right ! We went to the mall.

We won't talk about what I almost bought, what I might still buy and what I couldn't find but I did find a perfect pair of denim trousers, they aren't really jeans. But they look great, they are light for warmer weather and they suit me.

But then I went to the make up counter, bought my make up and got home and found that I bought the wrong color. So tomorrow, poor me, I get to go back to the mall.
Where the bag is .
After the test at the hospital.
Deja vu ?
Tonight is a meeting of the Consorcio.
All of the owners of the apartments in this building, get together in one apartment and They discuss what the problems are and how to solve them and then someone kindly fills us in because there is no way our Spanish can keep up with a room full of Argentines all speaking at once ..
I love them dearly but they talk too fast !
I think we are going to get the building washed and put a new door on the elevator before a child gets their hand chopped off.
We have the original cage style elevator.
Beautiful and charming and dangerous for little hands and fingers.
A certain Pup had to be watched that a certain nose didn't poke through and get chopped off too !
I hope that bag is still there tomorrow ....


  1. Hospitals are definitely NOT sanitary. Surgeons will tell you they want you out ASAP as they are the worst places for picking up infection. MRSA, VRA all the superbugs. If I ever have a proceedure, I will attempt to leave ASAP.

  2. But they closed the hospital to clean it ?
    And told me to come back tomorrow ?
    At least this is just a scan .. I will hold my breath til I get back outdoors :)

  3. Candice, yesterday was "Dia de la Sanidad", which is the day to celebrate the workers in the health system, so they have the day off and that's why sanitary centers are closed.
    I'm sorry you picked the wrong day and you have to mentally prepare for it again!

  4. I am your friend, I will only tell you what needs to be done...go today and get that bag. Do not risk it being taken. It is GORGEOUS.

    Tell me the name of the shop, my friend flies to BsAs on Sunday.


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