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Friday, September 23, 2011

My Glamorous Life

Today we went to the mall where I had a ridiculous episode with the strange habits of the Shopping Mall people and their rules.
You buy it, you keep it, if you want to return it, you don't get money back.
I know this, I live with it ... but today , someone sold me something that we did not realise was the wrong thing until about 3 seconds after paying for it.
( we also know that the girl who sold it to me knew what she was doing and it was sneaky and made it even more annoying)
It took about half an hour of explaining to three different people what happened before they gave me back my money.
This will not stop me from shopping but I will never shop in the make up department of Paseo Alcorte. Never.
I will make my visitors be my mules and bring me my make - up from Sephora .
I hope they don't go through my sons luggage and look at him funny because he is carrying an awful lot of lipstick and blush !
The weather went back to cold .. like boots and a warm coat with a scarf cold.
I didn't love it.
I am considering staying in all weekend, doing closets and moving furniture around and I guess you could call it, nesting.
Although with just the 2 of us birds in this nest, it might just be Spring Fever ..
One thing for sure, I will enjoy the warm weather when we can go for walks at night again.
I will miss Tate getting to walk with us, he loved those night walks in summer.. not too hot, just meandering around, usually stopping at the ice cream place where we would sit and have a bit of helado and he would get petted by everyone who saw him.
So this weekend, if you are looking for me, I will not be out dancing, I will not be out at the nightclub, I will be soaking in a hot bathtub after spending the day moving boxes and beds and books.
So goes the glamorous life of an ex-pat in Buenos Aires !

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  1. ugh. bad karma! i can't believe they gave you a hard time about that.

    enjoy that hot tub this this weekend. (and so sorry you're missing tate.)


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