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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

He was a Good Boy

He was so good at waiting.
He was patient. Not many dogs are patient.
You know how they get all squirmy and hop around and wiggly.
He might have squirmed a tiny bit, might have sat when I told him to , maybe he scooted a bit closer .. but he waited when I said Wait !
I tried to never make him wait long, how could I ? look at that face !
We were just getting our furniture delivered, from the shippers, here in Buenos Aires.
We had rented 2 temporary apartments, renovated this apartment and finally living here with a bed and the kitchen appliances sitting in the living room. But then things started to move quickly and he was seeing toys come out of boxes and a bed that belonged to him... a bed that still smelled a bit like "home" ..
He was patient, he knew if he sat still and waited, something good would happen.
And so it did.
He liked living in Buenos Aires.
Who wouldn't ? when you walk down the street each day and people stopped to tell you how beautiful you are and to give you a kiss ?
Who would complain about that ?
He certainly didn't .. he loved the parks, he loved the people he met and they loved him.
I am glad his last years were fun, filled with good doggie things to do and with people who showed him every day how special he was.
And I am glad he was with us. He made it all that much easier for me, to have him with us, to meet people with him, to settle into a new home in a strange land , just the 3 of us.
We all made a nice little snug family.
He was a good boy. It was all that much better because he was here.


  1. Oh Candice, I am SO very sorry! I know how it feels, how much we can love them.

  2. Candice, I can tell this is most painful for you. They leave a very large void.

  3. Thank you cherie and Razmataz. It is painful but I also want to tell how he made a difference.
    We would have had a totally different experience if he had not been with us, making this move.
    He deserves the credit :)

  4. So sad for your loss. Reminds me of the loss of my two furry babies. Odin passed away oh, eight years ago now, hard to believe, and Elsa passed away 7 years ago. I can hardly believe it's been that long. Crap. Now my eyes are full of tears.

    They do indeed leave a very large void. But what a wonderful presence they are while we have them.

    Peace to you.

  5. Candice I have just read this, I am so sorry I did not realise. It always seems so unfair that our K9 friends have such short lives when they bring so much companionship and joy to ours.


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