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Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Isn't So Bad ....

Yeah, this is Winter. Well, Winter going into Spring. Not bad, is it ?
August is a dreary month to me, cold and damp and grey. But if you just walk over to the parks, the birds are busy, there is green around you and you think, This isn't so bad.
Of course, it isn't the August of my past life, the hot, sunny, sometimes humid and beach weather August, but while I am still adjusting to the "backwards" calendar, it is not a bad winter month. For one thing, there is no snow. Or sleet. So while it would be nice to have a fireplace in our apartment, I do have green parks and places to go to remind me that while it might be Winter, it isn't bad. September is here now, maybe the drearies will go away faster.
Now as to Where we live. This is not our apartment building. But I would like it to be.
It is not in our neighborhood, but it is close, I would like it to be mine.
We are making plans to go to Flea Markets and to an Auction or two with friends. They speak Spanish, they will understand when is the time to say I want it and when we should sit there and be quiet. This is my fear ... going to an auction and misunderstanding the numbers and ending up with a purchase of a $10,000 dollar flower pot.
But today we are going flower pot shopping and perhaps late lunch or tea .. how, I do not know, but I have bruised my heel and I am now hobbling. Hobbling is tiring and not that attractive.
My girlish stride down the sidewalk has turned into the hobble of an old woman in need of a cane .

Maybe I will see a new handbag as I hobble past the shops ... that would brighten up the day.
More later ....


  1. Good luck at the flea market! I hate haggling, but love to stroll through the old, used and loved items they have...

  2. We have managed the fine art of Haggling in Espanol. Which includes quite a bit of face-making, shrugging and looking clueless ( which is my specialty)... We always still feel like we got taken :)


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