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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is Winter Leaving Soon ?

This will not go down as the Winter that I loved, or even liked.
It might be one of the Worst Winters, if I had that list.
But I am pleased to see and hopefully not silly to hope, that it is winding down.
The temperatures are still low at night and we still need heat in the apartment and we are still wearing coats but Monday I wore a lighter jacket and the temperatures flirted with 61ºF.
Mostly it is just the pleasure of the blue blue skies and white puffy clouds and lots of sunshine, that cheer a person up.
Enough of the August Drearies.. day after day of clouds, damp and cold.
With a stormy day thrown in and winds that cut right through you.
I am well enough able to sit in a room and be dreary and cheerless, I don't need the weather to match it !

Monday we walked from our home through the parks to a neighborhood that I dream of living in.
Then on to the big mall where we flitted through the shops, not being that interested and ended up in Carrefours where I bought only things that I remember from the US.

I bought French's Yellow mustard, Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup , M&M's , Salsa from Louisianna ..
I can only think of what to do with the Salsa and M&Ms, the soup and mustard I got just because .
Yes, it was one of those days.

Soon I will begin the yearly Seasonal torture of buying spring/summer clothes and all I really want is shoes and new handbags.

If the weather remains nice, we will venture out of the neighborhood and go to the Mercado de las Pulgas ( flea market) and or San Telmo ..
I feel like walking around looking at old junk.
And both places are packed with just that.
Some of it overpriced, some of it actually okay .. as long as the weather allows me to go out without freezing anymore!
Here are a couple of photos from where we walked Monday.
If I were in the mood to change addresses in BA, this would be the area.

So I hope soon, it is Chau to Winter and Hola to Spring ..


  1. Love the photos and shopping.

  2. I must find this Carrefours!!! I really hope it has ranch dressing. Tried one from Disco which was pretty disgusting. Still not quite up to shoe or clothing shopping yet. The shop people here are so helpful that I feel bad when I decide I don't want to buy anything...


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