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Friday, August 19, 2011

This makes me smile ...

This makes me smile. I even laughed once. I hope you have the same reaction.

We went to the cinema today, bought sheets and a blanket and scurried home because it is not only freezing cold but it decided to rain while we were walking to the shops.
Good thing we also went to the bakery and picked up a sweet thing or two.

We are just waiting for the weather to be a tiny bit warmer before we hop on a train for a little day trip.
Until then, we are snug in our home, which still echoes with the absence of a sweet pup.


  1. Love the picture. Enjoy the sweets. Looking forward to hearing about your day trip!

  2. This is just wonderful! I can hear that little girl...I can feel her expression deep inside me. I wish that life could be like the look on that little girl's face forever!

  3. I am glad to know you have moments of laughter and warm snuggles. I know it is not the same at all without dear, sweet Tate, but I know too he watches over you from above with boundless love. Thinking of you, and him, with much fondness.
    Chagall's mom

  4. asi .. we are having a Cold Wave ... I am not sure if we will venture outdoors today ! brrrrr. besos !

    Teri .. I look at this now and then to cheer myself up. Isn't she just what Joy looks like ? I agree, if only Life were like that look ~

    Chagall's mom !! Hello ! Oh how sweet you are. I go to sleep missing him and wake up looking for him. I have a huge hole in my heart, but I am working on this .. I know Time is the big factor , I just wish sometimes I could go to sleep for a year or so and wake up without the pain of missing him.
    besos and thank you :)

  5. Will you get another dog after a bit?

    If I close my eyes I can still imagine kissing the top of my dogs soft heads and the smell of fresh mowed hay on their paws.....and now I am tearing up.....

    Have a good weekend.

  6. It is impossible to imagine another dog in our life .. I can only remember his scent and the feel of him, the way he looked at us , followed me around, smiled .. maybe in , oh, 100 years or so, I will think about having another pup..


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