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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Otherwise ~

There are days that my imagination sort of wanders off on it's own and ends up in places that I had not really planned to think about ..
It is very cold here right now.
It is winter in Buenos Aires.
Many of the trees are bare, the wind is sharp and while there is sunshine more than clouds, it is cold and windy and most people are happy being inside, warm and snug.

Two of those people are right here, enjoying the sun coming in the french doors and windows and the pretty color of the 100 year old wooden floors that glow in the sunshine, the wobbles in the glass in the doors, that shows up when the light hits it just so.
The radiator is working hard, the room is warm and toasty.
Leave the living room and you step into cooler temperatures and less sunshine .
The sun rises in the morning, outside our kitchen window, setting outside the living room at the front ..
Every room in our apartment has windows and there is always some amount of natural light coming in.
For those who live in cities full of apartments buildings, high rises etc, you know how valuable this light is. Especially in Winter.

But I am looking forward to warmer temperatures.
In a few months I will be here whining about the heat but right now, I think I have had enough cold weather.
I am tired of my coats.
I find myself daydreaming about living somewhere else, somewhere more familiar, somewhere that has no ghost of a Pup walking around.
And then you will find me in the real estate websites.

I found a house.
It is too big, it has a large property and it is just the two of us now.
But I want this house.

This is the stuff of my new daydreams.
Living in a house in the country, gardens, farmers markets, driving a car again, having company for the weekend , sitting out in the evening and watching fireflies and listening to the crickets and little creatures that make all that noise on a summer night.

It had better warm up ..

Buenos Aires still holds a lot of unexplored territory for us and I want to get started.
Otherwise ~


  1. Hello Candice:
    We are, as you will know yourself, catching up having been back in the UK until very recently, only to learn through reading back in your earlier posts of the death of Pup [as we knew him] or Tate [as he was to you]. We are so very, very sorry and can only imagine the loss you and your husband must be feeling at this time. But, we do hope that there is some consolation in the fact that you gave him the most wonderful life, you have so many lovely memories which will remain with you for all time, and that he is no longer suffering. And he, of course, gave you such joy. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you come to terms with life without him.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. At the time I am inconsolable but there is hope that someday things will be better.

  3. Oh my dear ... it is starting to get the feel of autumn and colder days around here too!Before we know it , the cold winter winds and snow will be upon us... I'm finding I've already started looking for warm options to escape to when the months of Jan-March come along. Though I have been saying this for 3 winters now .. we only manage to escape for a few weeks during this time. And the cold really gets in my bones...

    Know that we are keeping you and your hubby in our thoughts and prayers ~ as you continue to heal during this time. xo HHL


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