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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday -

These are the stairs that lead to the park that Pup loved so much.
They just about do me in every time I go up them, but there was a time when he bounded up them and didn't even get out of breath.
Then one day he stopped halfway up and said, OK, that's it for me and we didn't go up those stairs with him anymore.
At the top ( out of sight in this photo) is the British Embassy and behind that building there is our little private park where we sat on benches in the sunshine and enjoyed the (relative) peace and quiet while Pup did his sniffing of everything in sight and always ended up lying in the grass near us.. enjoying the quiet and fresh air too.

Sunday, we left the house and went away from the parks and walked down the big avenue where shops and stores and cafes mix with all sorts of businesses and apartment buildings.
With small and large parks here and there. We walked for miles it seems.
Saturday we were in Palermo Soho.
Every time we are there, we wonder what it would be like to live in a house in that neighborhood.
It is very tempting but then, when we come home, I am so glad to see my apartment that I remain content with our choice of neighborhoods and buildings
This does not mean that I will never move again and that I will not live in a house instead of an
apartment, but after 4 years in this apartment and with these neighbors, we are At Home.
We love our neighbors, they seem to like us a lot and they take care of us.
In those small ways that mean so much, those who speak English will speak to us about Building business, work to be done, answering our questions, etc.
We had a consortio meeting and everyone came to our house.. it was great.
We were right there in the middle of it all, a part of things.
So the idea of starting over in another place does not appeal at all.
Then on the other hand, everywhere I turn I see the ghost of my Pup and his absence is that much more profound. Perhaps new surroundings would be better ..
Perhaps Paris? ... I might have to give it more thought.

We are taking some day trips while we consider our options for somewhere to go for a longer period of time..
Maybe we will just run away, for a bit of healing of broken hearts.


  1. Since you have had a sick dog for a while and that can tie you down, it may be a good time to have some time away to take your mind off things.

    It takes a long time. It's been 9 months since Grace and 18 since Mooch and I can still cry on the fly at a thought or memory. I really feel for you right now.


  2. I cannot imagine the grief of losing two beloved pets close together.
    besos, C

  3. If I had a plane, I would send it to you
    and ask the kind pilot to take you two
    where ever you hearts desired.

  4. I agree that the healing process is generally a long, long one and that possibly travel is a bit of salve to help heal.

    Love that photo of the ivy-covered building!

    I'm so glad to hear you and your neighbors love and respect each other. So important! I think especially so when you all share a building.

    I continue to think healing and loving thoughts for you and The Yankee.

  5. Besos, Razzle, I am afraid that wherever we have gone there has always been the 3 of us so wherever we go, there will always be one missing. But I love you for the thought.

    Kathy, as always, thank you and love you.
    Regarding the ivy covered building.. I love the look but after thinking about it, I started wondering what sort of "wild" life is living in there ...


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