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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainy Day in Buenos Aires

Rainy day in Buenos Aires ... sleep late.
Take an inordinately long time to get dressed.
Drink copious amounts of coffee.
Take Pup to the vet ... again.
All going well, go back to the vet in 2 days.
More sugar treatment, it is working !!

Back at home ... drink large cups of hot tea.
Take Pup to the park.
Go to the market for dinner makings.
Take Pup to the park.

Admire the work done by someone that was hired by the British Embassy who had to re-grade and improve the parkland that is behind the British Embassy Residence and then restore the public park that they used for soil storage.
Mountains of soil. Now new bright green grass is growing... looks like green hair springing out of the soil.
Birds are everywhere, seeds, worms, fixings for their winter nests .. very busy in the park these days.
Not to mention the ever squabbling parrots ... if they were people, they would be Trumps.
They have these huge elaborate and fancy nests. And make a lot of nonsensical noise.

The sun is trying its best to peek out of the clouds.
We have had ash from the Volcano in Chile, we have not had airplanes flying in or out for days and the sun has been behind a grayness that I was never sure if it was clouds, smoke or ash.

It is going away now.
I hear airplanes coming in again .. early early in the morning, planes full of happy tourists arriving.
Our friends in Bariloche seem to be still buried in ash. So very sad.
It is so very very beautiful there.

Pup has a new bandage. It is red. . with white tape.
Just in case it didn't stand out enough.. for every single person we pass to stop and to admire and to tell him how beautiful he is and that he is such a good boy.

I seem to remember it was not that long ago when now and then, someone would admire me and tell me I was beautiful ... now I am upstaged by a hairy brown pup with a bandage on his leg.
God bless him, I hope he continues to upstage me for many years to come.

Next Wednesday is his 12th birthday ... you know there will be a party going on here!

Now .. the sun is actually shining .. I think it is a good time to see if someone wants to take another walk.
Surely there is someone who has not gotten to admire that new red bandage.


  1. Love the "Trump" parrots! Wish I could see the red bandage. MtV

  2. For you... I will take another photo of him with his red bandage.
    If possible, it attracts more attention than the others.
    He is looking and feeling good.. we be happy ~

  3. Thinking of Pup


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