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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living in Buenos Aires - Autumn

Sit on a bench in the park and this is your view ...
I have to repeat myself here .... I love Autumn in Buenos Aires.
It is cold now, it might be early Winter but the days are still long enough, the trees are still changing colors and the skies are still mostly bright blue with a nice big sun shining up there.
I am full of energy in this weather and now that Pup is feeling more himself, not to mention very hairy and cuddly, we have been taking a lot of very long walks. Often broken up with some time spent sitting on a bench in a park while the dog sniffs everything in sight and we appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.
Sometimes we talk about living in other lands, mostly we talk about living in another apartment.
I want to live in an apartment that faces these parks. I would be content with a park for my front yard. So would Pup.
At night the skies are full of bright stars, they seem so close !
Tonight there will be a total Lunar Eclipse, we get to see it, you people in the Northern Hemisphere don't .
I will try to stay up and see it all and let you know what you missed.
When we go out at night, the air is full of the smell of woodsmoke.
When we come in, I can smell it in my hair.
From now on, wherever I go, I will always associate that scent with winter in Buenos Aires.


  1. Hello Candice:
    How wonderful to read that both you and Pup have a spring in your steps with the beautiful Autumn weather you are having.

    The colour of the leaves on the trees is just breathtaking. We can well see why you should like to live with a constant view of them.

  2. hi Candice so glad that Pup is sounding better the walk sounds really lovely enjoy the moon thanx for your visit fay xx

  3. Hi Jane and Lance ! Thank you .. yes, the fall air puts a spring in our steps ! I do need to live closer to the trees .. we have one outside of our apartment in front and one in back but that somehow does not fullfill our / my needs :)

    Faye, His good health is directly connected to my good moods.
    There are clouds out there , I am worried we will miss the eclipse !
    besos C


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