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Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

We took Pup to the vet today.
She washed and checked his leg, re-wrapped it in a new red bandage and said he is good.
Then she said to me, Don't worry, he is good.
He feels good, things are good right now, don't worry.
She doesn't know me well enough to realize that Worry is what I do best, but it was the kind of thing that made me love her more and want to cry from all the worry.
The bad stuff is still there but for right now, I am going to follow her suggestion.
I am not going to worry.
I am just going to live each day and enjoy the good stuff.

Actually, this is not bad advice for everyone .. Don't Worry, Be Happy
Pup does it, so can I.


  1. So glad to read the good news about your sweet pup!

  2. Thanks !! I say this calls for a beeg glass of wine tonight :)

  3. When my dog Mooch was diagnosed with Leukemia I was told that he would die in 4 months if I did not put him on chemo. I chose not to and had 2 great years with him. He was not in pain, he was just very tired and slept more as the years went on. I 100% believe he was comfortable until the end. He was also 11 years old at diagnosis, so likely would have died of old age within that 2 years, so I had him for his entire life expectancy. Enjoy your time with him worry free. He's not worried. Smell his paws and enjoy him. Did you know that dogs paws smell like fresh mown hay....I miss that so much.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your boy.


  4. Sending you and Pup lot's of Cyber hugs.

  5. Chania, , Thank you for this. I have the hope that Pup will go when he would have anyway- even if there were no cancer. His 12th birthday is Tuesday.. there is gonna be a party over here !!

    Dash, and hugs right back to you ! Thank you !

  6. This is such good news and such good advice. You follow your own advice too, will you? I, like you, am a worrier and I need to be reminded occasionally to do exactly what you have said here. Thanks for the great advice.

  7. Teri, I will try very hard to not worry.
    Yes, I come from a long line of proud worriers :)
    Thank you !


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