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Friday, June 17, 2011

Pup's new friend

There is always something interesting awaiting Pup at the vet's office. This is one.
They were both interested in each other, although Pup was lured away by doggie cookies.
He's easy.

We seem to be going through a rain/stormy time in Buenos Aires , weather-wise.
The days are damp and gloomy but not too cold.
Tonight the skies lit up with lightening for a long time before the storm finally hit.
It hit just in time for the poor delivery man to make it to our door.
The food was hot and tasty, the delivery person was drenched and I am sure, miserable.
I should have shared some of the dinner with him, it was so hot, he would have gone back to work , with steam coming off of him.
Tandoor, Chicken Tikka Masala ... have it .... if you dare.

Pup and I whiled away the time waiting for dinner with a petting and grooming session.
He got all the grooming, I did mine this morning.
He got all the petting too, although I admit that he did give me lots of kisses and did his sweet little head butt when I asked him if he loved me.
I know, dotty old woman talking to her pet and telling you what he said.
Humor me.

I did manage to get to the mall today though .. neither Rain nor Snow nor Dark of Night will keep me away.
But as luck , or lack of luck would have it, the one thing I was searching for was not to be found and I managed to stay focused.
No more shoes or handbags or that clever little necklace until I find a new coat .
When we got home and scurried to the park with Pup, it was getting colder and more damp and even he looked like he was wondering what are we doing out in this weather ?!
The Recoleta Feria was going strong, plenty of tourists arriving on the Big Yellow Bus which has its upstairs top closed in bad weather.
Lots of photos of the monument, the park, the Pup and then over to the feria where there was also a band playing .. the Hard Rock Cafe is there and bands play , this one seems to have been free for all who could hear.
And you could definitely hear it far away.

I have high hopes for tomorrow being a better shopping weather day.
Winter here is wonderful, this is an aberration .. I hope.. Palermo might be the place to go ..
More on that tomorrow .. Happy Fathers Day to all you Fathers out there !


  1. I love the look of the buildings in that last shot. So quaint and colorful. Lucky you to live in such a place. And a lightning storm sounds so good right now. We're supposed to be in the 100's next week.

  2. Glad to see that Pup is feeling better. And hang n there on the weather...we were in South Carolina yesterday and the thunderstorm was so crazy that SIRENS actually went off. Yikes!!

  3. Teri, that is the neighborhood of Palermo. Great shopping and eating plus loads of charm!

    Framed ! Hola :)
    Thank you .. just what I would need, as if the sight of all that lightening and the wind and rain aren't enough, sirens go off !
    I would be huddled under the bed with Pup while the Husband stood there and laughed .


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