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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bike Lanes ?

This was so well done and so funny ! And it showed just how *&^%ed up some people ( who make up rules for other people to live by) can be ...
So wherever you are, Riding your Bike is Good.
Riding your Bike in a Bike Lane is Good.
Everyone else, Stay Out Of The Bike Lane.

Buenos Aires ( Mayor Macri) has been working for months on the streets and sidewalks in my part of town ( not sure where else) and making the sidewalks better and wider , to accomodate walkers, bikers and runners.
I am still not sure which lane to get in since I have noticed that the bike riders here ignore some of lanes and just fly by in whichever lane they like .. but this is Buenos Aires.. the cars do the same thing.
There is no such thing as Keeping within the Lanes on the street, why should there by for walkers and bikers and runners ?

I do know that Pup and my husband and I tend to stay on the walks in the parks and the grass, if possible, we are less likely to get run over by a biker, runner or skater.
So far, crossing the street is still a dice game.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Stay safe, wherever you are. ..


  1. Loved the video...very funny. I love a nice bike ride.

  2. I loved the video.
    I laughed out loud a couple of times.
    I am outraged that the police ticket for something that there is no law against.
    I want to go bike riding here but that means wearing a helmet ( I care how I look at all times) and risking Death By Taxi when crossing streets .. or even riding next to a street.
    I might wait til we live in the country and no cars are ever around :)

  3. Thanks so much for this. My husband is an avid cyclist and will appreciate this video. I wish we had bike lanes here in the suburbs. MtV

  4. I am sure your husband will get a kick out of this MtV !
    Imagine biking in Buenos Aires .. I can hardly imagine it myself !
    besos to you and to your biker husband :)


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