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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

News From ABroad

In no particular order ....
Pup seems to feel very good today. He was frisky, smiling , eating a lot and playful.
All making for a few light hearts around here .
We went to the park this afternoon and enjoyed the warm sunshine, even though there were clouds, it was sunny now and then and everyone was enjoying sitting or walking in the park. Little children were being pushed in the swings at the little playground just for very small children, Pups wandered around free to take his time and enjoy the day, plans were made for the Museum tomorrow.

I am coming to you on my new Computer. Omigoditissogreat!!
And the keyboard is Spanish-European-English ( would that be Speurish ?) so I am having a problem with that ...
The Euro sign is on the E key and the ñ on the N key and an N key all alone ... yikes , not to mention the Capitol Letter thingees are different and in different locations ..
I might have to get out the old keyboard with the wire, my typing speed has just dropped.

I have a rotten cold.
This is not the same as a run of the mill cold or an ordinary cold , this one is Rotten.
And like a good wife, I shared it with my husband.
A lot of sniffling and moaning and groaning going on down here.

But my Pup seems to feel better so who cares if I call the thing on the desk a Bouse ? and if I say by dose is stuffed up ? and that everything sounds like I am at the bottom of a tank ?

Dinner is coming from a take out place called Akbar and I have hopes that some good Indian spices will burn open my sinuses.
Even if it doesn´t, it will still taste good and mostly, lately, things all taste the same .. if it were a color, the taste would be grey. Thankfully, colds don´t last long.

It is getting colder here, later in the week will be only be in the 50´s, but that is OK, the sun shines brightly and the skies are blue .. I can deal with the cold temps.

There will be museums to go to, new shows are coming.
There will be restaurants to go to, I got some new recommendations and of course, there is always a shop to visit, a shoe to try on, a handbag or scarf to check out ..
And this weekend there is a concert I am hoping to get to attend.
I have forgotten who is playing what, but I will still be glad to go .. yes, the memory, she is fading .. fast.

And now, to see a dog about a walk ...

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