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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Conspiracy of Gadgets

Sometimes things go easily and then there are times where nothing goes as planned .. or things just quit working .. for no reason other than they just decided to stop.
My old computer is a good case although it might have just been exhausted or it might have been really old in computer years.. you know, like dog years.

I thought a "good" computer would last more than 5 or 6 years, even if I used it a lot but not for anything taxing like Work or anything .. no, it was all just for Fun.
And Writing .. lots of writing but hey, it is a computer ! it is supposed to be able to write !
Luckily, we were able to get a new one.

Which happens to be Bigger and supposedly Better, even if the keyboard is tiny and has all these marks and wiggles on them and I have the hardest time finding quotation marks on here !!!
And why is this .... ç where the big bar is supposed to be that is used for Return ?
and Why is the question mark where the numbers are at the top ?
and now < this comes up when my little finger reaches over to make a capitol letter ... Arrrghhh !! ¡¡¡ çñ

If things get worse, I will plug my old keyboard in .. it matters not to me if the letters are getting worn off, my fingers know where they are .. and this isn´t on there ..
Other than a few glitches the new computer is lovely.

In case a day goes by when nothing goes wrong.. My cellular has decided to stop working. From one moment to the next, it is on strike .. this is taking living in South America too far, if you ask me .. The phone keeps telling me there is no SIM card .. liar !! and it has shut me out.
Is this perhaps a vast conspiracy of electronic gadgets ?

The only thing one can do when the world of gadgets turns on you is to go to a park with a pup and breath lots of fresh, cool, fall air and kick your way through the leaves on the ground, keeping an eye on a pup who is sniffing his way through the park, keeping an eye on you.
Then go to a cafe where the cafe con leche is fresh and hot and the manzana crumble is perfecto.
See, I do habla Español, well, at least the culinary part .. I guess you could say I speak Menu .. and Shopping, I speak that rather well too. Which is next on the agenda.
An expedition into the world of Argentine Fashion .. it will be tiring and time consuming but someone has to keep you up to date on the shopping scene in Buenos Aires, no¿


  1. going to a park with a pup sounds much better than battling any old electronic thingy. Enjoy your unplugged day!

  2. gadgets.....arrrrrh. love-hate!!
    a day with the pup in the partk- perfect!
    happy weekend!


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