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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our elevator broke.
It decided it had had enough.
No more of this Up and Down and Up and , well, you know, all day and often late at night.
So it just quit.
Never mind it is over 100 years old and probably should have retired years ago. It is beautiful, an iron cage with mirrors and an antique light and doors that you have to pull open and shut.
As you go up through the funnel that the winding stairs make around it, you can look out and see the floors and doors as you go up .. or down.
No one can surprise you in this elevator, no one can hide, it is , overall, a lovely elevator.
Except it has been very tempermental lately. And as we all know, tempermental elevators can be tiresome. Especially if you are a certain Pup who needs his walks and has a particular problem lately with a little weakness in that hind leg .. not to mention having a bit of a heart problem.
His mom considered rigging up some sort of sling that he could be carried up and down if the need arose, that idea hit the dust before it even got to be voiced. He managed well enough yesterday , last night the Porter walked up with us and helped him at the last step when he tired out .. so we were all happy to take the First Ride in the newly cabled elevator today.
When I thought about it afterwards, the first thought that came to mind was What ?? Are you Crazy ????
But I guess, throwing caution to the wind is the new me .. hey, the elevator looks good and it is better than walking, let's see if it works !
Pup was thrilled. He came in, mooched around the house until he found his new bone and is now napping with it. Nothing like a nap after a walk in the windy, cold, park ..
We took a walk, looking for various things ... a warmer coat for me being one of them.
No luck again today. The coats are all too puffy Michelin man style.
But I did manage to take some photos of the fruit market .
And the artichokes are in season ,
Passing the wonderful old buildings on the way home, I actually did feel that I am at the bottom of the world, far far from the things that used to mean Home.

But I still have what really means Home with me ...


  1. Like I always say, Home is Where the Cat is! (at least in my case)

  2. oh, I'm so happy for both you and pup that the el is working again. yay!


  3. Cherie , LOL .. home is where the bird is or the fish or the cat or dog :)

    Joan .. Thank you ! we almost decided to just go Up and Down a few times just to enjoy the Smooth Ride :) It is working better than it has since we moved here... I am now just thankful it didn't decide to die while we were on it ~

  4. So glad the elavator is working

    those artichoks really looks good

  5. Curtains, I wanted to kiss the elevator repair men.

    I am thinking of steaming the artichokes and making some sort of dip and having a sloppy feast.. First - I need to get dip recipes for artichokes.


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