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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This post is dedicated to the Kind , Caring, Young Woman who walks dogs , along with the many other dog walkers in the city.
I met her today at the vets office.
We were leaving, she was standing at the desk , with this very small, blonde haired pup, lying on the floor, shivering.
It was so pitiful, so heartbreaking, I admit to being very glad I was wearing my sunglasses, everyone didn't have to witness me weeping .. lately with Pup and his health, I have been known to weep at the drop of a hat, so this was enough to have me in tears ... still.
The dog walker girl, found this dog, in the street.
She told me that it would not have lived long for various reasons, first off, because the little dog had no clue about cars and traffic.
She is also sick.
The vet checked her, gave the dog walker medicines, a bag of dog food and then, went and found a little pullover on the racks for the spoiled little dogs that are dressed like little people before they go out ..
This time it made sense, the little dog was wearing a little beige fleece "sweater" when we left.
Now I don't know how much the vet charged her, if anything, but the big heartedness of the people we meet here everyday was personified in this young woman who walks dogs for a living.. but rescued this little scrap of dog, brought her to a vet, got her checked and took her home to nurse her and take care of her.
I walk down the street with Pup and people stop us all the time, asking what happened to his leg ? why the bandage ?
And then there are some, like today, a distinguished gentleman, walking down the street, seeing Pup and never looking at us but only at Pup, made that face that grandmothers make when they call the baby their little darling. The ladies here are not quite as understated as the gentleman was, they will throw up their hands, say What happened ! Pobrecito ! and if they don't kiss him, they act like they are going to ...
This dog is so used to being kissed, he expects it and starts to look puzzled if someone neglects to give him a hug and a kiss ..
There is a lady here who buys meat and dog food and goes around the parks, leaving food for the strays. There is a group of ladies who live in the area around the Recoleta Cemetery who take care of the cats. Feeding them, taking them to a vet if needed.
The doorman in one building makes sure that there is an old scrap of rug near the door, for the old homeless dog that sleeps there at night.
I am touched and charmed by the people here all the time, but when it comes to the way they are with animals, I have no words for how kind and gentle these people are.


  1. Very touching. It is good to know that the strays in the city are taken care of by concerned people. I did see some very nice looking dogs that for some reason were abandoned. I guess the next question is why are there so many strays? Thanks for visiting! Cheers.

  2. That brought tears to my eyes. I, too, am touched by people's kindnesses, my friend...


  3. P.K. Sadly, many people are careless, dog walkers included. Too many dogs are hit by cars or are found wandering , lost with a leash still attached. Many many people do not walk their dogs on leashes, the majority of the dogs are trained, but then there are some who are just left behind for whatever reason. Heartbreaking.

    Besos, Pearl ..

  4. How kind!!! And wonderful! Thanks for coming over for a cup of tea. Tea with a big plate of scones sounds so delicious!!! Have a great day!

    Kristin xoxo

  5. You take me to a place I love so much. Portenos love dogs, and are in general loving people. I dream of bringing my King Charles Spaniel Cholo to Buenos Aires, so I can feel the love when I walk him down the streets.
    Thank you for your lovely and lively writing.
    xo xo

  6. Kristin, the scones are not the scones we were used to but now I love these more. Come visit !
    Vamp... Bring Cholo ! They will kiss him too .. :)

  7. you have me in tears.... blessings to all the dear, kind people that you have mentioned here.


  8. Joan, I am telling you, there is not a day that goes by that I don't marvel at how sweet / kind/ nice someone is.
    Of course, Pup does attract attention, being a One of a Kind pup here, but still, these people are amazing. <3


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