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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brrrr ... a whine

It is cold out. Brrrr.
Cold like winter up in the Northern Hemisphere.
Where it could snow if it were a little bit colder and a little bit wetter. Or so it seems.
It snowed our first July here. On the 9th, a huge holiday .. everyone was out in the park and off from work and it was such fun watching how they all enjoyed seeing snow falling. Even a tiny bit of snow ..
My blood has thickened. I am becoming Argentine.
I go out in 50 degree weather in my warmest coat, with scarf and gloves and boots and socks and manage to keep up a constant whine about how cold I am .. I know, pathetic.
Pup bounces along like someone stuck springs in his feet. He has his own fur coat, apparently it is warmer than mine.. which is that puffy stuff .
We wanted to run a few errands.
We walked out the door, went to the corner and I said I was freezing.
We walked half a block to the cafe and had coffee and apple crumble.
Then we continued the walk. I think half a block from the cafe, I was freezing again. But no more coffee.. whine.
We picked up some fresh Salmon and dried papaya and mango .. have you ever had dried mango ? papaya ?
If possible, try it, you will be in the same situation I am in ... addicted.
We took Pup out for a walk after we got back , it was no warmer and I think he was not even that thrilled to be out, so here we are, snug as bugs in our warm apartment and I feel like I might not go out again until Spring.
Well, maybe to a mall.
Of course, if someone wants to take me out to dinner , then I will consider it ..
Pup gets to have his walks though .. but I don't promise not to whine !

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